Carrot Cake Recipe


A carrot cake recipe is needed for this week’s baking jobs and it got me thinking about the many different recipes I have tried for my carrot cakes. Each one produces a delicious but very distinctive cake. One of my favorites has all of the usual ingredients – carrots, nuts, cinnamon, ginger but also contains raisins and coconut. This produces a really light and tasty cake like the one in the picture which has been sandwiched with cream cheese frosting. This is best used when you want a cake like this one but is not the right texture to allow a sugarpaste coating as you would need in a Wedding cake. The best recipe for this has only the walnuts and usual spices. One client was surprised at the lack of raisins so my next cake trial will definately include this. I have also heard that you can use crushed pineapple which would surely be a very moist cake? Do you have a favorite recipe? If so I would love to hear from you and try it out for myself. Always striving to perfect and improve my cakes!