January – Jump                                                                               2f69d9758d818c7ae7ea292ee565341f

So I started the new year with a fabulous opportunity to work the business full time (Previously juggling 3 days work with the cake making as a lot of new businesses do). Full of enthusiasm and optimism I finally had the time to focus on my passion and make cakes!  This has been a big jump and January was a great month.

I have learnt so much – accountancy, invoicing, website design, social media, networking……..and the list goes on. Plus I have made lots of cakes and cookies. I am not complaining, all these things make running a business varied and interesting.

It is just the friends, family and ex colleagues who are all very kindly asking how I am getting along: “What’s it like being a lady of leisure?”  “Are you finding enough to fill your day?” “Don’t you miss being at work?”  Of course I very quickly tell them what I have fitted into my week and they soon understand that I have not ‘retired’!!!

Deciding to jump has been the best decision for us and I look forward to many more busy days ‘doing business’.