Where do orders come from?

Well that is a question……word of mouth and recommendation has to be number one for most celebration cakes. I have been delighted with the levels of repeat business and recommendation that I receive. I also retell the tale of the “Good Samaritan”……..

So I am on facebook just keeping in touch with my two daughters and friends when I spot an item for sale on the local ‘carboot’ page. I express interest and arrange to collect one of the white china figurines available which I plan to use to enhance my cake displays at Wedding Fairs. Another buyer (unknown by me) also requests one but cannot collect so I am now the Good Samaritan and offer to collect one for her and drop it round to her. This offer is accepted and all arrangements made.

Rewind to the previous day when I was discussing a cake order for a 70th Birthday “and by the way my daughter is getting married and wants to make her own cake but I am a worried Mum”.  To which I say she is welcome to bring daughter for an informal chat about her cake without obligation.

Back to the Good Samaritan…….(still with me) and I delivered the second figurine safely and was met by a very grateful young lady…..(have you guessed yet?)

Next morning I receive a call from the ‘Mum’ saying: – “you met my daughter last night. She was so grateful for your good turn. Could we both please come round and talk about her cake this afternoon?” The bride is no longer making the cake (I am)……..and can relax and enjoy the build up to her wedding in May.

I just love being involved in the Wedding industry and this will be a memorable cake, not least because of how it came about.